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Hello Mangkuk!

“Hello Mangkuk!” (translated: “hello idiot!”) may sound like the jovial insult of an old-time friend, as if there is a lot to laugh about. Beneath the surface, however, lies a deeper conversation waiting to unfold. The word “mangkuk” can also be taken to mean “bowl” in the Malay language. As the universal symbol of beggars in most parts of the world, “hello mangkuk” (translated: “hello bowl”) invites us to take a closer look at the problem of poverty. Poverty takes on a different face in each land. In underdeveloped terrains, poverty roams freely, shouting blatantly the moment you enter, or lounging obtrusively about. In polished cities like Singapore, however, poverty melts silently into the shadows. Too many people appear to be doing just fine, for us to remember that behind the blinding comforts of the city lurk the camouflaged shadows of those struggling to make ends meet. They count their “mangkuk” – physically or otherwise – and worry about having enough coins to pay for their next bill, their next fee, their next meal.

Would you be willing to step forth with a coin for their “mangkuk”?

This campaign is a social initiative to raise funds for the less fortunate in Singapore. By supporting our T-shirt sales, you are lending a helping hand to people with lower income. In collaboration with XXX organisation, XX% of the profits will be going directly to these beneficiaries to help ease their living expenses.

It is my sincere belief that by reaching out with aid, we can fill their “mangkuk” and remind them that they are neither alone nor forgotten.

T - shirts sold: XX Amount Collected: $XXX.XX

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